Chris Daskalakis is a serial entrepreneur who has pioneered several ventures in the construction, technology and fire prevention fields. We have put this site together to share with visitors the creative visionary that Chris is and to also address several misconceptions that are floating over the internet by a few malicious organizations that are wrongfully using the free speech law as a form of extortion. Our goal is to expose them and for the public to know the truth.

Coming from a family of developers and contractors, after college he started his own construction company in 1985, 5 Star Construction, focusing 100% on government projects. He was bonded with International Fidelity and successfully bid on public entity & government work throughout the state of New Jersey. "We bid on all kinds of commercial work...all public entity & government, nothing private or commercial. We bid on utility jobs, road work, drainage work, and even unusual jobs that had extremely high profits like Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning and fire suppression services for school board entities."

Though his construction business was successful and growing, Chris's entrepreneurial spirit wanted to do create something that hasn't been done before. Seeing the need to get cheaper construction material for his construction company, Chris co-founded the Greek American Contractors Cooperative in 1994 with a partner. The Co-Op funneled the buying power of its contractor members to pre-selected construction suppliers to be able to obtain incredible prices for construction material as well as procure a rebate back to the Co-Op every time a member purchased construction material. "We were negotiating all kind of incredible deals with suppliers. Phillips Concrete company out of New Brunswick NJ was ecstatic about the business we brought them overnight. In return our members were buying concrete about $20 a yard less than any other NJ contractor. We did the same for steel, bricks, blocks, stone, pipe and other material. This made them very competitive and won them more bids." Realizing however that there were just a few hundred Greek American contractors in NJ, Chris sold his company and set his goals on a project with a broader scope.

Chris applied the same buying group concept and skills and founded the United Greek American Telephone Association. He negotiated with a large telecom company in FL, to give him very low rates to call Greece. Then through TV and radio ads on Greek media, he successfully united over 100,000 Greek Americans throughout the US into a large long distance buying group which afforded the lowest prices for calling long distance to Greece. "Back then AT&T, MCI and Sprint were charging $1.20/ minute to call Greece, and we were selling it at a flat fee of 55 cents per minute", Chris said.

Then in 1998 the telecommunications market fragmented and overnight prices dropped to 35 cents a minute to Greece. While the telecommunications industry was continuing to dwindle, Chris was optimistic and perpetually seeking new opportunities. "I believe that opportunities are around us...all we have to do is, be creative enough to see them and act on them" says Chris.

In 1998 he entered the dotcom boom, by developing, a sophisticated online program that automatically sent construction project leads to contractor subscribers on their pagers and computers. "This was high tech in the days when contractors received their job leads from a weekly newspaper style publication being mailed to them. To be able to get jobs within a minute of us receiving notice of them was very cutting edge." said Chris.

This received much acclaim from the venture capital community and Chris had several Venture Capital companies competing for the business; wanting to put $10 Million with the goal of taking the company public in 2 years. Unfortunately, he learned the hard lesson of precise timing when the dot com boom went bust in April of 1999 and investors couldn't pull out of their dot com investments fast enough. His tenacity and tolerance for disappointment is huge; nothing gets him down, says Pauline, his wife and partner. "Failure is just a stepping stone to success," he would say. "Just one more lesson learned. Now I know what not to do next time!"

In 2009 Chris created his first franchise. He thought hard about the kind of franchise he would start as a franchisor and Mr. Fire Safety was born. Franchisees were doing fine and growing their business in commercial kitchen exhaust hood cleaning services offered to restaurants. Franchising is a great concept and applies not only to restaurants but also service companies. We were the first exhaust hood cleaning franchise before others like Hoodz followed in our footsteps. From there, Chris thought about what other services to offer our restaurant clients. The Mr. Oil Saver oil filtration idea was born, offering restaurants cooking oil filtration rental service, which flourished within 1 year, but then exploded because of our supplier's effort to circumvent us and go straight to our distributors.

We didn't have our own oil filter machine then, so we found a supplier that made a decent machine and became his nationwide marketing arm. We were the first ones to come up with renting cooking oil filter machines to restaurants. Within the first year we bought 385 oil filter machines from our supplier, an amount that surprised our supplier. Chris decided to sell Mr. Oil Saver as Distributorships with no royalty earnings to us to differentiate it from a franchise. About 90% of the distributorships sold were doing great, renting machines all over the country. We didn't charge them any royalties since it was not a franchise and we even paid to replace the machines in 5-7 years when they expired. The distributors were making very good incomes from their new business and were all happy and doing great.

It all started to go real bad fast when Chris got a call one day from the machine supplier who demanded a meeting to discuss the future of Mr. Oil Saver. Shockingly, we discovered that at the meeting were 2 of our Mr. Oil Saver Distributors that had been there days earlier to negotiate a private deal with our oil filter machine supplier. They discussed a very hostile and aggressive takeover of Mr. Oil Saver so they can bypass us. They told Chris verbatim that he will either have to surrender the Mr. Oil Saver company to them as the new owners and work for them, or they would DESTROY him and the company! Devastated, he returned back to Florida to figure out what to do. Without a machine and the supplier on the side of the 3 dissident distributors, the business he worked so hard to grow was over. To accomplish the goal of nullifying their contracts with Mr. Oil Saver, they launched a concerted effort to have Chris investigated by complaining to various state agencies that Chris was allegedly a scammer that sold them an illegal franchise. Chris released them, and ended up paying a small fine in one of the states that had tough franchise registration laws, for not filing that we were not a franchise. The investigation was soon closed after it was determined that Chris and Mr. Oil Saver did nothing wrong. They also complained to the State of Florida, but there were no fines, no finding of wrong doing, no accusations, just a release & wishing him well to continue business. Most of the distributors however used the ensuing chaos to get out of their contracts and go straight to the supplier since it was in their favor to buy machines straight from the suppler. Most left except for a few who remained loyal to Chris until this day and now have a superior filtration system and thriving businesses once again.

The outcome of the actions of the dissident distributors were the following. First, by destroying Mr. Oil Saver, they also destroyed the businesses and investments of their fellow Mr. Oil Saver distributors. Remember, everyone was making money before the rebellion just to lose their business when Mr. Oil Saver went under. Second, Chris went on to invent and manufacture his own superior machine and filtration system. This has allowed him to continue being a true entrepreneur envisioning new business & charitable opportunities.

The axiom, "you can't keep a good man down", holds true here. People can try all they want to destroy someone; usually the higher you climb, the more opportunists will seek to tear you down. In the end, truth will always find its way and justice will always prevail.

The lessons learned from all this are several:

Google and other search engines need to take responsibility in the U.S. and remove information that is false and unverified as they are doing in Europe through the Directive 95/46/EC & European Commission. Proposal for a Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council on the Protection of Individuals with Regard to the Processing of Personal Data and On the Free Movement of Such Data (General Data Protection Regulation). 2012/0011 (COD). Article 3. "Territorial Scope."

Individuals need to act on their own advice they give their own children, "never believe everything you read on the internet"!

Real Story about Consumer Watchdog Ripoff Report" & their proposal to Chris...

The 2 vindictive distributors that started all this, were so upset that no wrong doing was found, that they posted several anonymous complaints on Internet websites that camouflage themselves as "consumer watchdogs" sites such as Rip Off Report, Pissed Consumer & more recently Unhappy Franchisee. The latter came into being recently just by copying 4 year old unverified & false information from the other 2 sites and destroy any other new business Chris had started! Unfortunately, people don't realize that the 5th amendment protects these extortionist companies, and they are difficult to fight in court unless the laws change like they have in Europe. What people who post complaints on these sites, also do not realize is that once you post on those websites the information is never taken down. They are ruthless organizations which destroy businesses first and then extort them for money to clear their name. Those organizations post any public legal documents such as the filed complaints and Chris's name and companies went on the #1 page of Google overnight. These sites don't check any facts and feed off each other, allowing anyone to post crude comments and lies about anyone. Many careers have collapsed overnight because of a few negative posts on the Internet on these "consumer watchdog" extortionist sites. That's the power of the Internet! This has happened to many people who have had their entire businesses destroyed by a few disgruntled customers or employees that don't understand how damaging their spiteful behavior is. And still, with all this that has happened, Chris believes and supports all reputable consumer protection websites that verify their information and posts.

Like many others, after a while, Chris gets a call and emails from Rip Off Report telling him that they would be happy to hide the negative things about him on their website if we joined their special program where we paid them an upfront fee of $5,250, and a total of $12,000 paid and then continue to pay them a monthly fee, every month, forever! They said consider it the same as advertising! BY LAW, THAT IS THE DEFINITION OF EXTORTION. See some emails below that were actually sent to him. Chris is now gathering proof to fight them in court to regain his good reputation. See below one of their many requests for money:

On May 17, 2016, at 6:44 PM, RIPOFF REPORT - CHUCK ( wrote:
Hi Chris
Have you been able to review the new numbers?
Please let me know...

Chuck/Ripoff Report
Corporate Advocacy Program

Total Cost for the Corporate Advocacy Program - SEE PAYMENT PLAN BELOW (INCLUDING TRIAL)
$ 5,250 - One-time set-up fee = NikaUSA ((usual cost $10,500 / discounted))
$ 2,500 - 2nd Name = Mr. Oil Saver ((usual cost $7,500 / discounted))
$ 2,500 - One-time set-up fee = Mr. Fire Safety ((usual cost $10,500 / discounted))
$ 1,750 - One-time fee for 7 reports x $250 per report ((usual cost $675 each / discounted))
$ 12,000 .. TOTAL one-time fee
PLUS, there is a monthly monitoring fee of $100 per month...all future Ripoff Report posts will re-direct to your email inbox and bypass the internet. Customer complaints are handled offline..

Chris is asking anyone that is interested in doing business with him to please call him first, visit him, feel free to ask for references both business and personal, and then you can decide who Chris is and feel confident in doing business with him.

Chris is a conscientious and honorable businessman, a consummate risk taker, a serial entrepreneur who just doesn't give up and ultimately uncovers rare opportunities all around us. What keeps him going? "I love inventing ideas and concepts that have never been done before and to make a difference in people's lives, whether it's saving them money through the resources of a buying group, or giving them an opportunity to be their own boss and make a great living for their families in this unstable economy."

We can't argue with that. You can email Chris with any comments at: